Vilamoura Marina
The southern area of Portugal is a heaven to unveil, a shining and prosperous region with breataking cliffs, golden beaches, scalloped bays, and whitewashed villages. Not to mention, the deep historic roots, such as its Moorish heritage and the important role it played in the Age of the Discoveries.
An enchanting region with a strong connection with nature offering first class golf courses, amazing resorts set amidst lavish nature or on top of a cliff overlooking the ocean. Algarve is the perfect place to enjoy activities en plein-air and sea sports, due to the warm climate all year round.

This sunny coast will surrender your palate with a delicious local gastronomy highlighting local ingredients like sardines to swordfishes, almonds, oranges, figs among others.
Algarve, a place with golden beaches, exotic scenery, history and entertainment all mixed together!
Perfect mix of nature, deep historic roots and Moorish heritage
Marvellous resorts turned into perfect locations for events
Unique warm year-round climate
Best golf destination
Exclusive hotels, from luxurious and stylish resorts to the newest one built following ecological design
A region of hidden delights and simple pleasures, a real dream!