Terceira Island
Pico Mountain
Whale Watching
S. Miguel Island
Composed of nine islands situated in the middle of the Atlantic Ocean, the Azores Islands has an untouched beauty with a undulating volcanic landscapes, ever-lasting nature and carpet-flat ocean. This archipelago is a lush paradise and each island is spectacular in a different way.
These unique islands offers both relaxing holiday, taking delight in local hotels and restaurants. As well as, adventurous experiences such as, hiking, whale and bird watching, swimming with dolphins and water sports surrounded by the glowing energy given from the Azores people.
Azores Islands is a place you can find nature in its puress form, one of the few unspoilt paradises on the planet
Dramatic landscaping, a nature-lovers paradise
Suitable venues, ranging from congreses to small meetings
A magnet for hikers and divers 
Unique nature and adventure experiences, from whale watching to swimming with dolphins 
Hotels ranging from luxurious & modern to classical & elegant 
Mild climate all year round
An old world charm, a hidden refuge that is difficult to find anywhere else!