Atlantic Festival
Dolphin Watching
Jeep Safari
Madeira islands, called the "Pearl of the Atlantic", are a lost paradise in the middle of the Atlantic ocean with spectacular scenery in the form of dramatic sea cliffs, blue waters and intriguing primordial rawness as the result of ancient volcanic activity.
This magical land is a real haven for hikers and trekkers with its famous levada walks, trails that runs alongside a network of irrigation mini-canals, and its World Heritage protected status forests. It also offers a wide range of activities, from adrenaline-fuelled jeep safari to spotting dolphins. This archipelago is the perfect place to relax with its new boutique hotels, luxurious spas, temperate climate, a surprising nightlife, good gastronomy and its famous wine. 
Madeira: mystical world of green and blue waters blended with a unique heritage and culture
Distinctive natural beauty and spectacular landscaping
Fantastic year-rounnd spring like weather 
Suitable locations for events, from congresses to small meetings
Hiker's paradise
Exclusive stylish hotels and luxurious houses
Madeira is a real gem and it will offer you golden moments.